Learning Tally.ERP 9 ( English )

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Learning Tally.ERP 9 (English

Presenting the most comprehensive self learning book on Tally.ERP9 an ideal book for learning how to
use Tally.ERP 9 efficiently.Numerous practical lessons with answers and a number of a real life cases
have been included in the book for effective learning. You will find numerous Frequently Asked Questions
for Self-assessment .Tally Contains many features and reports to cater to business of varied sizes &
verticals. So it is natural that each user will use only a small portion of such rich and diverse
functionalities, rather than the order of the software. With the help of this book,you will be able to
master the usage of Tally.ERP 9 (Rel 6.1).

Accounting is primarily a system of measurement and reporting of economic events, which is based
on the accounting equation. It is the backbone of every business process. Tally.ERP 9 with the advent
of new technologies, accounting has also advanced considerably. Tally is an ‘integrated enterprise
solution’ that enables the new age business to simplify thier day-to-day business dealings. Transactions
that materialise in this book, Feature-Wise Illustrations.

It Explains basic Accounting terms in a simple language and the application of Tally in the accounting
practice of these organisations.