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Tally Basica

About Tally Champs Basica

The Tally Champs Basica course is developed after a thorough research and study of the industry. By joining this course you will be able to determine where you need to focus and what are the career prospects available for you in the field of Finance & Accounting. And with a specific strategy in your hand you can find out what is best for you and achieve maximum results in every step you take.

Tally Champs Basica Franchise

The Tally Champs Basica franchise is a specific type of business that is regulated by the code. It’s an arrangement in which knowledge, expertise and a trademark or trade name license to the franchise for an initial fee.


     •        Join hands with Reputed Brand
     •        Opportunity for Accelerated Growth
     •        Balanced Management
     •        Centralized Marketing Support
     •        Lower Fixed and Variable Cost
     •        Low Investment
     •        Business Support
     •        Management and Training Assistance
     •        Promoted by Well qualified professionals with a combined experience of 100+ years in the same field
     •        An ISO 9001:2008 certified organization
     •        Continuous Market Research to improve the course material in line with changes in Market Dynamics

Market Potential

     •        Any Age group / qualification / profession
     •        College passed out / underemployed / corporate
     •        10th or 12th passed
     •        Final year students / passed outs / unemployed youths


Tally Champs offers the advantages of security and support system. Tally Champs also offers training system and support like management of accounts, sales, marketing, advertising, online examination & certification programs and guidance from industry experts.
     •        Marketing Communication Support
     •        Superior and Extensive Faculty Training
     •        Professional Counselor Training
     •        Best Course Material with a combination of offline and online materials
     •        Supply of Promotional Collateral
     •        Systems and Procedures

Our Commitments

Tally Champs is committed to provide support and services to all its franchises. We help franchises finding solutions at right time by applying right strategies with right peoples.
     •        Total Focus on Outstanding Success
     •        Solution that ensures your Goals are exceeded Honest, Frank and Open Approach
     •        Passion for Quality and Performance
     •        Integrity
     •        High Performance Team

Deliverables for Franchise

     •        Multi Color Informative Posters
     •        Decorative Danglers
     •        Zee Cards - Mini Prospectus
     •        Design Support for Banners / Posters / Leaflets / Hoarding
     •        Web Based Management Information System
     •        Online Enquiry Management
     •        Online Admission Management
     •        Online Fees Management
     •        Online Event Management
     •        Online Exam Management
     •        Star Ranking for Faculty
     •        Training available for Faculty / Counselor
     •        Other Avenues of Earning via Tally Champs such as Tally Champs Club Membership Cards

Franchise Benefits

     •        MOU for 3 Years - long term partnership
     •        MOU for 360 students in 3 years
     •        Franchise can run other Tally Courses
     •        Status of Tally Champs Club Arcade