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List of Readymade TDL's

Tally Champs Customised Modules for Tally.ERP9

     1.    Tally Champs Voucher Authorization:  

This feature will let the users only make a voucher entry only which will be later authorized by the authority i.e. Administrator person in Tally. The entries will get posted after the admin authorizes them. 

      2.    Tally Champs Voucher Type Security:

With the help of this feature you can give security to all type of vouchers you enter. (Other than normal Tally Based security) It gives the proper roles & privileges to be defined according to each voucher entry for each user using Tally.

 3.    Tally Champs Group Level Security:

An Organization requires total security towards its vital information of the Finance and transactions made with various aspects. Security can be towards Ledgers / Groups that should not be shown to users but still remains in tally structure. User wise ledger restrictions and group restrictions are must for all growing organizations.

Current security levels in Tally is strong but still the organization using Tally requires more security towards groups and ledgers i.e. some groups not to shown or ledgers like capital account not to be shown to users of the organization.

      4.    Tally Champs Contact Address Book:

With the help of this feature you can maintain complete address book of your Sundry Debtors & Creditors. It contains Company Name, Address, Area, State, Contact Person, Pin code, Phone Numbers etc.

      5.    Tally Champs Party Ledger Reconciliation: 

With the help of this feature you can reconcile the Party Ledger wise details. For that you get an additional button of Reconcile on pressing F5 which effects to the reconciliation of the particular ledger entry. This is similar to bank reconciliation feature of tally.

      6.    Tally Champs Brokerage Module:

The Brokerage modules helps you automatically do entries for brokers as well as not display them on the vouchers. You can have multiple brokers and multiple rates of brokerages for the brokers.

      7.    Tally Champs Running Balance:

With the help of this feature you can view the running balance of every ledger account similar to 4.5 version of Tally.

      8.    Tally Champs CEO’s Dash Board:

It is the wholesome screen for the CEO/Director to see the entire financial details with referential integrity for the company.

      9.    Tally Champs Unique Voucher Number:

This feature allows user to maintain unique numbers for vouchers.  Even if you add vouchers in between the vouchers would not be renumbered. This helps people have automatic voucher numbering without worrying about deleting voucher numbers.

10.    Tally Champs Cost Centre Details in Trial Balance:

With the help of this feature you can get detailed cost centers in your trail balance report also.

 11.    Tally Champs Standard Narrations:

Using this feature you can use the Standard Narrations set by you while doing the Voucher Entries. You just have to select the type of Standard Narration in which you have to enter the narration while activating this feature.

While doing Voucher entry the standard narration will appear as a popup list as per image shown above or can be assigned to specific keywords as per your choice.

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